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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Facades, roofs and solar parking yield estimation at Utrecht science park

Tayzer Damasceno de Oliveira 1,2,3, Luis Fialho 2, Atse Louwen 3,4, Wilfried G.J.H.M. van Sark 3
1 Accenture, Lisboa, Portugal
2 University of Évora, Évora, Portugal
3 Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
4 Eurac Research, Bolzano, Italy

Abstract: In this paper a methodology is described combining 2D height maps with 3D building simulations and PV performance software to assess the solar potential at Utrecht Science Campus. Results show that adding facades and parking lots doubles the roof potential, with levelized cost of energy values of 0.068 - 0.092 €/kWh.
Keywords: Solar energy, renewable energy, solar parking lot, building attached photovoltaic
Pages: 2987 - 2988