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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Simulation of outdoor thermal comfort: a tweak with energyplus

Edouard Walther 1, Carla Delmarre 2, Séverine Huet 1
1 AREP L'hypercube, France
2 INSA Lyon, Département Génie Civil et Urbanisme, France

Abstract: The present work deals with the determination of outdoor thermal comfort using a decoupled approach. Unlike the existing tools that model the coupling between surface heat transfer and air temperature, we present here a method advantageously allowing for the usage of the available features of EnergyPlus for the calculation of surface temperatures, the effect of vegetation and retrieving the outdoor solar fluxes. Isothermal air velocities are computed separately using openFOAM. The method allows for an hourly determination of comfort at ground level over the year with the computed ambient parameters. Key Innovation • Using EnergyPlus to simulate outdoor comfort. • Hourly air velocity field with openFOAM. Practical Implications The method described here allows the seasonal evaluation of outdoor comfort for design variants with an overnight run on a desktop computer.
Keywords: outdoor comfort, urban environment, energyplus
Pages: 1236 - 1243