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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Spatial distribution of thermal comfort: a case study in Paris' station

Edouard Walther 1, Mateusz Bogdan 1, Fanny Peyre 2, Christian Inard 2
1 AREP L'hypercube, France
2 LASIE Université de La Rochelle, France

Abstract: The present work deals with the determination of thermal comfort maps in large enclosures. Currently no specific approach is proposed to this end as building simulation relies on a nodal approach, where the computed scalar values (e.g. temperature, humidity, solar flux) are homogeneously distributed in zones whatever their size. We present here a method allowing for the calculation of a spatial distribution of thermal comfort, enhancing the classical approach by a precise determination of indoor solar fluxes and isothermal air velocities.
Keywords: Indoor thermal comfort, Spatial distribution, OTCA
Pages: 1254 - 1261