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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Reducing heat island effect: a mathematical model of green roof design

Jing Hong 1, Dennis Michael Utzinger 2
1 Rivion
2 University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Abstract: Green roofs ease the heat island effect. Optimizing green roof design helps achieve this goal more efficiently. This paper proposes two energy models of green roofs to estimate surface temperature, and validates them with experimental evidence. Architects and engineers optimizing their green roof design can use the proposed energy balance models in any equation-solving software. The mathematical models were validated with measured soil temperatures taken from the green roof at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Golda Meir Library. The energy balance model explains how surface colour, soil depth and plant types affect the surface temperature of a green roof. The green roof surface temperature can be reduced by lighter surface colour, shallower soil depth, and plants with lower internal leaf resistance and larger leaf size.
Keywords: Green roof, Mathematical model, Simulation, Heat Island Effect, Calibration
Pages: 1279 - 1286