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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


In-situ validation of a new sizing methodology for combined production and distribution for domestic hot water and space heating

Senne Van Minnebruggen, Ivan Verhaert
University of Antwerp,Faculty of Applied Engineering, Antwerp, Belgium

Abstract: Collective heating systems are becoming more frequent due to their sustainable and economic benefits. Nevertheless, some aspects, such as how to size collective installations that provide heat for both space heating and domestic hot water, are not yet fully understood. Based on an initial evaluation and feedback from designers, it is found that current sizing methods are insufficient. Recently, a new method ‘maximum sum of parts’ was proposed that aims to achieve a more optimal design. A validation procedure is presented in this study, which is developed to validate this new method using (smart) heat meter readings. The validation procedure uses insight from an earlier study to cope with the limitations of this type of data to identify the peak heat demand of the system. The outcome of the procedure is characteristic, showing the different possible production capacity thermal storage combinations required to meet peak heat demand. Furthermore, the validation procedure is demonstrated by examining two case studies and thereby providing a first validation of the new method. The results show that the desired characteristic can be obtained based on (smart) heat meter readings. Although, some limitations remain, in particular how to consider the influence of the outdoor conditions into the validation. Moreover, the first two case studies are not representative to give a first validation of the new sizing method. Due to, inter alia, changes to the heating system it is possible that the peak heat demand is underestimated.
Keywords: Collective heating system, Heat consumption analysis, Heat meter readings
Pages: 2989 - 2996