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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


ASHRAE Standard 205P: Progress towards representation of performance data for HVAC&R equipment

Neal Kruis 1, Timothy McDowell 2, Charles S. Barnaby 3, Tanaya Mankad 1
1 Big Ladder Software, Denver, CO, USA
2 Thermal Energy System Specialists, Madison, WI, USA
3 Independent Consultant, Moultonborough, NH, USA

Abstract: Sufficiently detailed HVAC equipment performance data are rarely available to building performance analysts. When data are published, there is little consistency among manufacturers, and the formats require error-prone manual manipulation before the data can be used with a specific simulation tool. ASHRAE Standard 205P (provisional), “Representation of Performance Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment”, defines common data models and serialization formats for facility equipment performance data, allowing automated exchange between equipment manufacturers and simulation models. The intent is for all manufacturers to write common-format data files (called “representations”) that can be processed by all building performance simulation software tools. This paper describes a data modeling framework and an accompanying toolkit that facilitate the development of representation specifications and ease the adoption of the standard by both manufacturers and software developers.
Keywords: HVAC performance, Simulation data, Standardization
Pages: 1349 - 1356