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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A hybrid measurement-simulation approach to determine the reflectance map of a historic tapestry

John Mardaljevic 1, Eleonora Brembilla 2, Stephen Cannon-Brookes 3, Nigel Blades 4
1 Loughborough University, United Kingdom
2 TU Delft, Netherlands
3 UCL, United Kingdom
4 National Trust, United Kingdom

Abstract: Illumination levels in historic buildings need to be monitored for conservation purposes, especially in daylit spaces which are invariably subject to large spatio-temporal variations in light levels. However, light meters record only at a single point, and numbers are limited. A recently demonstrated imagebased technique using digital cameras to measure indirectly the prevailing daylight illumination in spaces is extended. As a prerequisite, the technique requires a reflection map of the ‘target’ - here, a historic tapestry. Acquiring this without disturbance to the scene required a novel combination of in-situ measurement and lighting simulation. How this was achieved is described in the paper.
Keywords: Daylight, HDR, Simulation
Pages: 2319 - 2326