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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Simulation of Heritage Buildings: The Duke of Bedford’s Cottages in West Devon

Jack Morewood, Pieter de Wilde
University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Abstract: Building performance simulation (BPS) is used to select and justify an energy-saving retrofit for the Duke of Bedford’s cottages, aiming to improve performance sufficiently within the cottages’ constraints, which include conservation concerns plus wider practical and economic constraints. Building data is passed from a building information model (BIM). Building energy simulation (BES) and hygrothermal modelling obtain results in the performance attributes of energy efficiency, thermal comfort and damp risk. Parametric analysis assesses performance ranges and sensitivity to long-term climate uncertainties. Moderate fabric upgrades, including window replacement and an insulating plaster, perform best within their constraints. Long-term, a heat pump is recommended to increase efficiency though is currently financially constrained. Ultimately, this sufficiently balances performance and heritage needs.
Keywords: historical buildings, thermal performance, damp risk, energy saving measure
Pages: 2327 - 2334