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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Gh-urban: a Grasshopper plugin for employing CityGML data in dynamical building simulations and the utilization of energy Application Domain Extension

Farzan Banihashemi, Hari Krishna Gadi, Hannes Harter, Werner Lang
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Abstract: Energy simulations in the urban context are valuable tools for decision-makers and policy-making. Different data requirements need to be fulfilled for considering the buildings in dynamical building simulations. The information stored in City Geography Markup Language (CityGML) can build the basis for semantic and geometrical data requirements. This work introduces ghurban, a self-developed open-source tool to enrich CityGML with energy-relevant information, simulation boundaries, and simulation results. The tool can import and modify relevant semantics and geometries of 3D city models for simulations based on Grasshopper and automate the process of making energy models. The acquired data will be enriched in the Energy Application Domain Extension (ADE) structure for different use cases. For proof of concept, the connection of the urban modeling interface (umi) and gh-urban is investigated in an urban district in Munich as a case study.
Keywords: CityGML, Energy ADE, Grasshopper
Pages: 1443 - 1450