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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Analysis of step-by-step individual roadmaps – what can we learn about the practice?

Iná Maia, Lukas Kranzl
TUW, Austria

Abstract: The EPBD 2018/844/EU introduced new instruments: the national long-term strategies and the building renovation passports. One aspect of the building renovation passports is the step-by-step renovation roadmap, a long-term plan that mainly indicates the building's stepwise energy performance decrease. Other non-energy related indicators as investment costs and co-benefits (thermal comfort and indoor air quality) are also included. This paper aims to analyze the individual building roadmaps developed during the EU-funded iBRoad project. Furthermore, to verify their compliance with the national long-term renovation strategies (LTRS). Because many countries still do not have submitted their LTRS yet, the present paper proposes seven indicators to assess the roadmaps. However, none of the buildings fulfilled all indicators. 4 buildings in Portugal and 1 in Bulgaria complained more than 80% of the requirements. The results show that there is still a need for financing schemes and policy design that considers the step-by-step approach's singularities.
Keywords: case study, building stock decarbonisation, energy efficiency, individual building roadmap
Pages: 135 - 142