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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Design optioneering for the definition of technological solution of envelope using BIM

Frida Bazzocchi 1, Neri Banti 1, Carlo Biagini 2, Cecilia Ciacci 1, Vincenzo Di Naso 1
1 University of Florence, DICEA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ), Italy
2 University of Florence, DiDA (Department of Architecture), Italy

Abstract: The research conducted has developed a simulation tool meant to help the designer in the selection of the most appropriate technological solution for building’s envelope. The goal was reached combining the parametric nature of Building Information Modeling and computational design techniques. By writing a code in visual programming language (VPL), a design optioneering algorithm has been set up to define and compare several alternative technological solutions and perform technological choices. The method was applied to a horizontal partition towards an unheated space and to an external wall. The optimization, focused on sustainability, constructability and economic issues, led to the implementation of a wood-fibres insulation layer for the slab and a rock-wool one for the facade wall both on the internal and external side.
Keywords: Design optioneering, BIM, Envelope, Multicriteria simulation
Pages: 1451 - 1458