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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Developing thermal comfort maps for naturally ventilated spaces

Vardan Soi 1, Swati Puchalapalli 2, Rashmin M. Damle 3
1 Masters in Technology, Building Energy Performance (MTech BEP), CEPT University
2 Terraviridis
3 CEPT University

Abstract: This paper presents a methodology to calculate and plot operative temperature (Top) for naturally ventilated (NV) spaces at multiple points in a thermal zone both spatially and temporally. The proposed methodology calculates 3 environmental variables (air temperature (Tair), mean radiant temperature (solar adjusted) (Tmrt ) & air velocity (Vair)) which affects comfort for NV spaces and bisects the workflow into thermal simulation & CFD. Top has been calculated for Top for NV spaces, but are either point-in-time or space and do not capture impact of Vair on Top. This research attempts to integrate all 3 comfort parameters and captures thermal diversity in an indoor NV space both spatially & temporally. Results indicate that the proposed methodology captures thermal non-uniformity in the space due to spatiotemporal variation of Tmrt & Vair. The directional impact of Vair distribution counter the high Tmrt in the south & core zones thereby, reducing Top in these grid points. Thus, the proposed methodology can capture the thermal non-uniformity due to geometric implications and thermal properties of materials into meaningful spatiotemporal comfort maps, enabling designers in making informed design decisions ranging from facade to interiors and energy to comfort.
Keywords: Spatio-temporal maps, Thermal Comfort, Natural Ventilation, MRT
Pages: 2467 - 2474