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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Investigation of the resiliency of passive and natural cooling solutions through uncertainty analysis in a NZEB residential building in Denmark

Attila Kopányi, Karolina Poczobutt, Lajos Ádám Pallagi
ABUD, Hungary

Abstract: The current research of resilient cooling technologies mainly focuses on the thermal comfort and energy use reduction aspects. The existing studies evaluating the resiliency of passive and natural cooling technologies consider only a limited number of associated uncertainties, which results in significant knowledge gaps. This study analyses the resiliency of PCM, shading and natural ventilation in a Danish NZEB family house, through uncertainty analysis. The considered uncertainties include the performance of the technologies, future climate and occupational time. By comparing the technologies' robustness and indoor overheating degree, it was discovered that the application of automated natural ventilation proved to be the most resilient technology, when compared to PCM and automated external shading. The proposed workflow to assess the resiliency of the passive and natural cooling technologies makes it possible to consider the most important uncertainties associated with the performance of these technologies.
Keywords: Resilient cooling, robustness, building simulation, uncertainty analysis, overheating
Pages: 2475 - 2482