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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Impact of implementing air-conditioning systems on the school building stock in Brazil considering climate change effects: a bottom-up benchmarking

Matheus Soares Geraldi, Mateus Vinicius Bavaresco, Veronica Gnecco, Enedir Ghisi, Michele Fossati
Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate future energy benchmarks for the school building stock in Brazil, considering the gradual implementation of airconditioning systems in those buildings and the influence of future climate conditions. Archetypes were simulated using EnergyPlus for four cities in Brazil, representing predominant weather data in the country. The models were simulated considering air-conditioning implementation in two scenarios: a) administrative and lab environments; b) administrative, labs and all classrooms. Modified-weather data considering IPCC scenario A2 was used to include climate change trends for 2050 and 2080. The average and standard deviation of Energy Use Intensity (EUI) were analysed. Results showed an increase of the average EUI of the school building stock in Brazil considering the air-conditioning implementation, raising 88% concerning the actual EUI if the systems were implemented today, 8% in 2050 and 43% in 2080. Conclusions support that upgrading thermal comfort conditions in those buildings require attention towards improving energy efficiency strategies.
Keywords: Building Energy Performance, Reference buildings, Schools, Building stock.
Pages: 183 - 190