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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Impact of multiple urban microclimates in building performance. A simulation approach to support climate-resilient building design.

Jesus Lizana, Eduardo Diz-Mellado, Victoria Patricia Lopez-Cabeza, Carlos Rivera-Gomez, Carmen Galan-Marin
Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Abstract: For decades, main research attention has been paid to the energy efficiency of buildings. Computer technology and building energy simulation tools have supported the methods to compare the cost-effectiveness of energy conservation measures, which has been debated over years. However, current tools present several challenges aiming at facing future building needs under climate change and urban heat island projections. This research quantifies and demonstrates existing gaps in building simulation using a case study in Spain; and develop a holistic simulation approach to support a climateresilience design in buildings. A case study associated with two outdoor microclimates, an inner courtyard and urban climate, was measured, simulated and validated in TRNSYS. Then, the building performance was compared with a building model facing one single outdoor weather condition. The results show that the inner courtyard was able to reduce discomfort hours by 14%, eliminating severe discomfort hours and mitigating urban overheating. Special attention should be considered in building modelling to include multi-nodal outdoor conditions to efficiently support climate-resilient design.
Keywords: Climate-resilient design, Building energy simulation, Urban heat island, Climate Resilience, Courtyard
Pages: 1537 - 1539