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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Defining the life-cycle energy implications of informal settlement redevelopment

Alex Nutkiewicz, Rishee K Jain
Urban Informatics Lab, Stanford University, United States of America

Abstract: By 2030, over 2 billion people worldwide will be living in informal settlements. Characterized by poor quality of life with regard to sufficient living area, thermal comfort, and energy access, there has been a massive push for improvement and redevelopment efforts to transform existing slums into dense, high-rise social housing. However, previous work demonstrates that redesigned high-rise redevelopments are potential sources of thermal discomfort - showing that a lack of well-informed designs or policies can result in severe human health consequences and increased energy burden for these communities. We use a validated urban-scale informal settlement model for Dharavi, Mumbai, India to evaluate the life cycle energy requirements to provide sufficient thermal comfort under various design scenarios. We quantify the life cycle energy implications of informal settlement redevelopment and highlight the need to consider thermal comfort in its proposed plans.
Keywords: informal settlements, life cycle energy, heat stress, space cooling, building energy
Pages: 2491 - 2498