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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Evaluating stack effect impact of thermal comfort in high rise office towers

Gary Chang, Karim El Mokhtari, Russell Richman, J.J. McArthur
Ryerson University, Canada

Abstract: Stack effect adversely affects energy consumption and thermal comfort in high-rise buildings due to the excess infiltration caused by the resultant pressure differentials. Mitigating the effects of this phenomenon is crucial to achieve ambitious energy targets such as Canada’s commitment to COP21. A novel data-driven modelling approach is leveraged using return air temperature as a proxy for thermal comfort issues caused by stack effect. A case study investigated the prediction algorithms, where it was determined that random forest was the most suited for stack effect modelling. The research demonstrates the utility of return air temperature data to identify situations where stack effect is most detrimental to occupant comfort.
Keywords: Data Analysis, Stack Effect, Machine Learning, Offices
Pages: 3072 - 3079