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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A collective heat and cold distribution system with decentralized booster heat pumps: a sizing study.

Stef Jacobs, Freek Van Riet, Ivan Verhaert
University of Antwerp, EMIB research group, Antwerp, Belgium

Abstract: A combined distribution circuit (CDC) is a collective twopipe heating and cooling system for apartment buildings. Previous research has demonstrated the advantages of implementing a booster heat pump (BHP) in district heating. However, no detailed study is available on the influence of the BHP’s sizing and low design temperatures (e.g. 40°C/33°C). Our research aims to gain more insight into the sizing of a CDC with a central ground-source HP and decentral BHPs for DHW production. This was achieved by using a dynamic simulation environment in Matlab to study the impact of various design choices. The results show that the performance of the central HP is decisive for the total system efficiency (334%) and that the sizing of the BHPs affects their performances.
Keywords: heat pumps, combined distribution circuit, apartment building, domestic hot water, cooling
Pages: 223 - 230