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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Numerical prediction of dew condensation in EAHE system in summer

Kazuma Hirata, Kento Tomoda, Yasuyuki Shiraishi
The University of Kitakyushu, Japan

Abstract: In recent years, earth-to-air heat exchanger (EAHE) systems have garnered public attention as an effective passive system. However, especially in the summer, dew condensation can build up within the underground tunnels, promoting the growth of microorganisms that can lead to potentially serious air pollution. Moisture absorbents are often employed to prevent dew from building up within the tunnels; however, their effectiveness has yet to be assessed. Thus, to gain a deeper understanding of condensation dynamics within underground air tunnels, dew condensation in the EAHE system of an actual building was predicted based on a three-dimensional numerical analysis. Then, the effectiveness of utilizing moisture absorbents to decrease dew condensation in the EAHE system was also verified.
Keywords: Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger System, CFD analysis, Calculation load reduction, Dew condensation risk
Pages: 1619 - 1624