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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Fine-grained measurement of the indoor built environment with robotic vacuum cleaners

Joseph McLaughlin 1, Michal Young 1, Siobhan Rockcastle 1,2
1 University of Oregon, United States of America
2 Baker Lighting Lab

Abstract: Research that links indoor environmental factors with human health and comfort has progressed significantly in recent decades, creating demand for highquality data that can inform existing metrics and calibrate mechanical and electrical systems. A conventional sensor network that monitors light, temperature, and humidity has a spatial resolution proportional to the number of sensors within a space. This paper proposes a single roving sensor, constructed from inexpensive commodity parts and mounted on a commercially available robotic vacuum, that can record measurements with a uniquely fine spatial resolution. This device is capable of performing surveys of confined spaces to collect measurements with 10 cm spatial accuracy over sub-second time intervals. We share a regionally weighted interpolation method which we use evaluate this data. Using this device, we can monitor environmental conditions with a finegrain spatial resolution that is resilient to changes in the position of furniture and occupants and is relatively low-cost.
Keywords: Modeling, Ambient information, Daylight performance
Pages: 2538 - 2545