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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Optimization of electric lighting in a hospital emergency room - A case study

Zhafirah Ajrina, Desliana Putri Pratiwi, Rizki Armanto Mangkuto, Revantino Revantino
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Abstract: Lighting design has become an important major factor in building construction planning. Optimum lighting is required to achieve an adequate visual performance while reducing visual discomfort, particularly, when executing tasks that require high accuracy, such as an Emergency Room in a hospital. This paper aims to propose an optimized electric lighting design for Karya Dharma Kembang Tanjung Hospital, in this case at the emergency room, using modeling and simulation. The computational model of the room was built in Dialux Evo, and the simulation was executed with and without daylighting scenes of four-room segments. Four different variables were observed and simulated for obtaining the optimum result, which that evaluated by sensitivity analysis. In this model, the optimum lighting design is achieved using Phillips TBS165 G 2xTL5-28W HFS C6 luminaires with a wall reflectance of 0.8 for the examination room. Then, the enhancement of lighting in the treatment room is conducted by rotating the luminaire by 40° of normal from the right side of the mattress orient to the doctor, it yields the smallest vertical illuminance and UGR values.
Keywords: luminaire angle, average illuminance, uniformity, hospital
Pages: 3103 - 3110