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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Design and test of reduced grey-box models adapted to office buildings

Thibault Péan, Soledad Ibañez Iralde, Jordi Pascual, Jaume Salom
IREC Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, Spain

Abstract: Reduced grey-box models are useful for performing rapid energy calculations, but they should be adapted to the specificities of office and tertiary buildings. In this work, a grey-box RC model for an office building was developed, and calibrated against a white-box model which was itself validated using historical data from the real building. The results showed that the proposed RC model can represent with high fidelity the thermal behaviour of the offices, with an RMSE of 4% or less. The model presents a better fitting when some of its parameters are differentiated between the heating and cooling modes.
Keywords: RC model, thermal dynamics, grey-box modelling, tertiary buildings
Pages: 1687 - 1694