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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Integrating energy systems into building design with Hive: Features, user survey and comparison with Ladybug and Honeybee tools

Christoph Waibel, Daren Thomas, Amr Elesawy, Illias Hischier, Linus Walker, Arno Schlueter
Chair of Architecture and Building Systems, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Abstract: We present “Hive”, a software plug-in in Rhino Grasshopper for teaching integrated building energy systems design. The purpose of Hive is to provide an easily comprehensible tool for architecture students to establish an understanding of the impact of their design decisions on building performance and (renewable) energy systems. We enable a flexible framework allowing coupling with other third party (Grasshopper) components by proposing a so-called simulation core, which decouples calculation modules from the input-output interface. We test Hive with architecture students and present results from a user survey conducted. Our findings show that students find the climate and daylight analysis tools of Ladybug and Honeybee slightly more graspable for their design work, when compared to the energy tools in Hive presumably also due to building energy being inherently less intuitive than daylight and climate analysis. The survey further shows that visual representation and ease-of-use appear to have priority over simulation accuracy and calculation time. However, we are convinced that our first version of Hive is a good starting point for accessible consideration of renewable energy systems into architectural design, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.
Keywords: Integrated Building Systems, Co-Simulation, Decision Support, Design, Grasshopper
Pages: 1695 - 1702