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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Building performance simulation supporting typical design activities: the case of ‘Organising 2D layout'

Steffen Petersen, Mike Steen Kingo Danielsen, Pernille Klavsen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Abstract: The development of BPS tools for practice is often based on assumptions or wrong interpretations of what architects need, think, and do when they design buildings. This paper reports on the use of co-creation workshops between researchers and building design practitioners to enable simulation-based support for a design activity called “Organising 2D layout”. The result was the first version of a useful tool where architects easily can get a visualisation of the overheating risk and useful daylight illuminance directly in their 2D layout sketches in Rhinoceros. More generally, the paper illustrates that a co-creation process seems to be a key to the successful implementation of BPS in design practice.
Keywords: Thermal performance, Daylight performance, Parametric modelling, Design Practice
Pages: 2600 - 2605