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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


To be or not to be a hybridGEOTABS: energy performance of hybridGEOTABS buildings in the EU

Rana Mahmoud, Mohsen Sharifi, Eline Himpe, Jelle Laverge
Ghent University, Belgium

Abstract: GEOTABS is a low carbon technology that provides clean energy for the building sector. However, buildings that implement such systems are typically high insulated and operated with low internal gains, which limits the system application. By expanding the GEOTABS system with a fast-reacting secondary system, this combination is named hybridGEOTABS. Which will extend the applicability of the system to a larger building segment. In this paper we propose guidelines for designers at early design stage for the building properties that can allow for higher shares of GEOTABS (primary system) thus, high primary energy savings. 50,000 buildings simulations showed that GEOTABS can achieve over 60% of primary energy savings in buildings within the EU when compared to conventional system.
Keywords: hybridGEOTABS, Building stock dynamic simulations, Primary energy reductions, Schools typology
Pages: 293 - 301