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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Implementation of an innovative hybrid low-energy cooling strategy controlled with a fuzzy logic algorithm in a dwelling: numerical and experimental approaches

Aurélie Foucquier, Simon Bal-Fontaine, Ophélie Ouvrier-Bonnaz, Etienne Wurtz

Abstract: Nowadays, in cold and temperate climates, buildings are always more insulated and airtight leading to high heating savings. However, it penalizes a lot the summer thermal comfort and the cooling performance. That is why a current building issue deals with the cooling control and its ability to manage both the summer thermal comfort and the energy savings. Given that, our work proposes an innovative hybrid cooling solution controlled by a fuzzy logic algorithm, combining a passive natural ventilation device with a low-energy active cooling system. The strategy efficiency is demonstrated with a numerical approach and strengthens with an experimental campaign.
Keywords: summer comfort, passive and soft cooling, climate, resilience, dwelling
Pages: 2608 - 2615