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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Real-time light simulation methodology for expedited comparison and optimization studies through agent-based photon modeling

Vishal Vaidhyanathan, Jichen Wang
Carnegie Mellon University, United States of America

Abstract: Designing for receiving ample daylight is an integral part of an Architect’s early design framework. However, conventional Daylight Simulation tools for daylight analyses are time taking due to their dependency on external simulation engines. Moreover, several inputs are required to set up the simulation process. While this maybe useful for analytical studies, conventional daylight analysis workflows in early-phase design decisions, for multiple design iterations can be cumbersome and require running thousands of test cases to optimize a design. This research proposes a step-by-step method for utilizing light simulation as a metric for optimization that uses agent- based modelling of photon particles to generate instantaneous daylight illumination results for comparative and real-time directional analysis of earlyphase design iterations. This algorithm removes external dependencies of simulation engines and runs instantaneously. This enables quick performance optimization for real time design decision making, and also allows using real- time daylight impact assessment in generative design studies. It also consists of a front-end interface for non- intuitive users to perform comparative studies with ease. To demonstrate the speed and effortlessness of daylight evaluation using this methodology, a facade design is explored using multiple geometrical inputs to find an optimized solution with realtime directional and comparative feedback. It has been observed that the proposed methodology is nearinstantaneous as compared to conventional simulation methods for iterative design optimization.
Keywords: Agent based Modelling, Lighting Design, Optimization, Computational Design
Pages: 1750 - 1756