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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Determination of household area and number of occupants for residential buildings based on census data and 3D CityGML building models for entire municipalities in Germany

Sally Köhler, Matthias Betz, Keyu Bao, Verena Weiler, Bastian Schröter
Center for Sustainable Energy Technology, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany

Abstract: Information on household areas and the corresponding number of occupants is very important in order to derive realistic demand profiles for water or electricity as part of holistic urban energy modeling. However, this data is usually not available. Therefore, this paper presents a method that uses 3D building models and national census data to derive this information on single-building level for residential buildings. The methodology is validated in three German counties of different population density and geographical location, divided into 141 municipalities. Results show that simulation and statistical data mostly vary between -15 % and +15 %, with highest accuracies for municipalities closest to the national average.
Keywords: 3D building models, Interrelation of household area and number of occupants, Energy simulation
Pages: 1757 - 1764