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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


People who? Why occupant behaviour modelling is not (yet) included in the design workflow

Isabella Gaetani 1, Alessandra Luna-Navarro 2, Francesco Anselmo 1
1 Arup, United Kingdom
2 Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Abstract: People can be modelled as movement (pedestrian modelling), presence and behaviours. The modelling of people is particularly important during the building design phase for building safety design, building architecture and engineering (AE) design and for building performance analysis. While pedestrian modelling is part of the typical design workflow, presence and behaviour modelling seldom finds applications in practice. This paper uses first-person interviews to shed some light on why people modelling and its design implications are still poorly understood, what are the main barriers to overcome, and what scientists and researchers can do to ensure a better penetration of models in practice.
Keywords: Occupant behavior, Practitioners, Building Performance Simulation
Pages: 3585 - 3592