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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment using laser-assisted data acquisition (LADA) of building geometry

Simon Wyke, Lasse Rohde, Rasmus Lund Jensen
Department Of The Built Environment, Aalborg University, Denmark

Abstract: A new IEQ (indoor environmental quality) assessment tool, called IEQCompass, has been developed to perform inexpensive evaluations of IEQ performance and result dissemination that is understandable for all stakeholders. The current study tested a laser-assisted data acquisition (LADA) process, facilitating the measuring and registration of building geometries and building information, exportable in a format, which is compatible with IEQCompass. Three apartments were tested in two phases, firstly, an evaluation of the LADA tool’s ability to facilitate data acquisition for IEQCompass, and secondly, an evaluation of the complete process of using LADA and the IEQCompass. Testing showed that it can be feasible to use LADA for the acquisition of geometrical data with limited manual input. Testing also showed that LADA can be used to gather other building information, such as surface material, external geometry and construction component information, based on manual input, stored in a structured schema and in a CAD model.
Keywords: Data Acquisition, Laser Measuring, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Pages: 2618 - 2625