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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Evaluation and test operation of different model predictive control approaches for an energy system

Christina Betzold, Arno Dentel
Technische Hochschule N├╝rnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany

Abstract: The increasing number of predictive model control (MPC) approaches enables a wide variety of designs. However, the question arises which approach is suitable for real operation. This paper examines two different MPC approaches based on simple and detailed models as well as using different optimization algorithms. The MPC approaches are applied and evaluated in a real energy system controlling heat pumps of variable and constant compressor speed. Due to the different characteristics, two implementation processes are required. Both approaches ensure correct system operation, even if the GA approach had to be corrected four times by rule-based intervention. The power control of the MHPs could not be strictly implemented by any approach.
Keywords: MPC, modelling approaches, optimization approaches
Pages: 326 - 333