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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Enabling industrial plus-energy buildings and improvements by integration of steel components in the building energy concept

Tobias Blanke 1, Bernd Prof. Dr. Döring 2, Joachim Göttsche 1, Markus Hagenkamp 1, Vitali Reger 3, Markus Prof. Dr. Kuhnhenne 3
1 FH Aachen, Solar Institut Jülich, Germany
2 FH Aachen, Germany
3 RWTH Aachen, Chair for Sustainable Metal Building Envelopes, Germany

Abstract: In the future new buildings are supposed to be nearly zero-energy buildings. Nearly zero-energy building poses particular challenges to hall buildings with their significant room volumes and significant electrical demand. This paper aims to show how building-integrated steel components can overcome these challenges. Industrial buildings need to reach the plus-energy standard to feed excess energy to the electricity grid. Therefore, different innovative steel Building Energy System Components (BESC) are presented for an industrial building. The BESC concept bases on a heat pump with a heat and cold storage system. A solar thermal system and/or geothermal probes support the heat pump. In comparison to state-of-the-art technology, newly engineered and tested steel components are integrated into the system. The components are geothermal activated foundation steel piles, solar-thermal activated steel curtain walls, and surface heating and cooling elements integrated into the ceiling's trapezoidal profile. Guidelines to size components are derived and applied to an example hall building. Three different insulation standards and six sets of weather data are considered for sensitivity purposes. Usage of the introduced steel components significantly reduces required component sizes compared to state-of-the-art technology (—46 % for geothermal heat exchangers, —29% for solar thermal systems). In all scenarios, it is possible to reach plus-energy standards via the implementation of rooftop photovoltaics. Therefore, the developed guidelines allow designing a feasible plus-energy concept for industrial buildings with reasonable effort.
Keywords: industrial hall buildings, plus energy concept, innovative steel products
Pages: 366 - 373