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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Building thermal simulation-based climate classification of India

Manoj Kumar Sundaram, Nusrat Ali, Rajasekar E
IIT Roorkee, India

Abstract: Climate classification of a region serves different applications including agriculture, hydrology, biodiversity and geography. Climate classification is an essential criterion to define building performance. Depending on the application, climate variables like temperature, precipitation, vapour pressure, solar radiation and wind movement are adopted for classification. This paper aims to develop a climate classification of India for building performance analysis related applications. The classification is based on building energy simulations performed at a grid resolution of 50km x 50km across India. The comfort indoor degree hours are used to develop spatial clusters. The fuzzy cmeans classification resulted in 9 climatic zones. These climate clusters can be used to create bioclimatic design guidelines for buildings.
Keywords: Climate Zone, Thermal simulation, DDH, Guidlines
Pages: 805 - 811