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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


End-use disaggregation in commercial buildings with the building automation system trend data

Narges Zaeri 1, H. Burak Gunay 1, Araz Ashouri 1,2, Ian Wilton 2
1 Carleton university, Ottawa, Canada
2 National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Abstract: End-use submetering is essential for energy management in large commercial and institutional buildings. However, most existing buildings lack adequate submetering even for major end-uses. End-use disaggregation techniques offer an untapped opportunity to supplement deficiencies in a metering network. This study presents an end-use disaggregation method for commercial buildings by using building automation system (BAS) data. The BAS trend data provide contextual information about the operational state of major energy-consuming systems and equipment such as fans, pumps, air handling unit (AHU) heating and cooling coils, and chillers. The method applies a series of multiple linear regression models disaggregating bulk metered heating, cooling, and electricity use data into different end-uses by using BAS data as predictors. The results demonstrate that the method can accurately disaggregate hourly buildinglevel electricity, heating, and cooling use into their end-use categories.
Keywords: Disaggregation, Use of bulk metered data, Leveraging building automation system, Regression-based approach
Pages: 401 - 408