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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Metrics for evaluating envelope performance in next generation energy codes

Rasoul Asaee 1, Adam Wills 2, Alex Ferguson 1
1 Natural Resources Canada, Canada
2 National Research Council, Canada

Abstract: This paper presents the results obtained from the impact analysis of a number of potential metrics for evaluating energy improvement in future building codes. The authors determined whether the new requirements set forward for the envelope metric can be achieved with technologies and approaches that builders have previously used in lowenergy homes. The energy savings and capital cost impact for achieving the envelope targets were evaluated in different housing types and climate zones. Results indicate that envelope me tric s encourage builders to prioritize improvements to investments in insulation, airsealing, and energy-efficient windows. This philosophy presumes that cost savings can be found by reducing heating loads, thereby permitting the use of smaller and simpler heating equipment.
Keywords: building envelope, energy code, performance path, energy efficiency, simulation
Pages: 1935 - 1942