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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Integration of borehole thermal energy storage in a heating and cooling production system: a case study

Jonas Cleiren 1, Freek Van Riet 2, Kristof Smits 1, Wolf Nys 1, Roel Vandenbulcke 1, Ivan Verhaert 3
1 Hysopt NV, Antwerp, Belgium
2 Noven NV, Ghent, Belgium
3 EMIB research group, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Abstract: Research illustrated that the hydronic optimisation of complex heating or cooling systems has a great potential for energy savings. Next, geothermal energy storage systems are interesting technologies for maximising energy recovery and use of renewable energy, as they can be used both for heating and cooling. However, due to their complexity, their full potential is often not achieved because of improper hydronic design and control. To illustrate the importance of hydronics and the optimisation potential in these systems, a case study is elaborated with the Hysopt software, which is able to analyse the hydronics of such complex systems including combined demand of heating and cooling. It is shown that the primary energy ratio of the overall heating system can be increased up to 28pp, the CO2 reduction up to 38% and the energy cost savings up to 19%, and that the thermal energy balance of the subsurface can be improved up to 34pp.
Keywords: Geothermal energy storage, BTES, Heat pump, Hydronics, Control strategies
Pages: 3252 - 3253