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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Application of coupling of the human and clothing thermal system and computational fluids dynamics in the evaluation of energy and comfort in occupied spaces

Eusebio Conceição 1, Mª Inês Conceição 2, Mª Manuela Lúcio 1, Hazim Awbi 4, João Gomes 3
1 University of Algarve, Portugal
2 Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal
3 School of Built Environment, University of Reading, United Kingdom

Abstract: This numerical work develops a HVAC system, based in a ceiling mounted localized air distribution system. This work presents and applies a numerical model that considers the coupling of the Computer Fluid Dynamics and Human Thermal Response. The coupling system, itself, generates all equations and space geometry and occupation presence and transfers the inputs/output between the Computer Fluid Dynamics and Human Thermal Response numerical models. The study is made in a virtual chamber occupied by twenty-four virtual occupants and twenty-four seats and equipped with a new ceiling mounted localized air distribution system. The inlet airflow and the outlet is located above the head levels. In the present study the thermal comfort level, the air quality level, the effectiveness and the ADI are calculated, in winter conditions. In accordance with the obtained results the ADI index increase slightly when the inlet air velocity increase.
Keywords: Human Thermal Response, CFD, ADI, Heat Exchange between the Human and the Environment.
Pages: 2663 - 2670