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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Reallocation of heating consumption and costs based on decoupling of household heat metering data

Yuying Li 1, Fan Yang 1, Peng Xue 1, Rui Zhao 2, Jingchao Xie 1, Jiaping Liu 1
1 Beijing University of Technology, China, People's Republic of
2 Tianjin Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China

Abstract: Implementing household heat metering and charging is a significant way to realize building energy conservation in northern China, but the current heat metering has two contradictions for promotion. The first fact is the corner users have a higher heating consumption than the center users with its bigger area of external envelope, and the second is the heating costs of high-temperature users will increase sharply due to the phenomenon of adjacent room heat transfer (ARHT). This study selects a residential building in Tianjin, China as a research object, and field measurement and energy simulation are adopted to reveal every process of heat transfer including ARHT. The heating load and ARHT are further reallocated for each unit, and a new heat charging scheme is then proposed. The results provide a case study for the fair allocation of heat charging, which is vital to the implementation of household heat metering in China.
Keywords: household heat metering, temperature decoupling model, heating consumption simulation, adjacent room heat transfer, heat charging
Pages: 3256 - 3261