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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A modeling framework for building-integrated biotic Carbon Sequestration (CS) techniques: Towards mitigating climate change

Jayati Chhabra, Tarek Rakha
Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America

Abstract: While several methods have been previously developed to assess the climatic impacts of a building’s biotic elements, built environment practice still lacks a framework to determine the Carbon Sequestration (CS) potential of such architectural features. This paper proposes a modelling framework in Rhino/Grasshopper interface to estimate the amount of carbon sequestered by a structure that utilizes biotic elements such as green roofs; vertical greenery systems (VGS); and algae facades/curtains to enhance environmental performance. The framework accounts for site and climate-based variations in solar radiation across the globe for the CS techniques and their energy conversion efficiency ratios and are validated against various case studies.
Keywords: Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change, Landscaping, Mitigation, Simulation
Pages: 844 - 852