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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


SimQuality - A novel test suite for dynamic building energy simulation tools

Andreas Nicolai 1, Stephan Hirth 1, Madjid Madjidi 2
1 TU Dresden, Germany
2 University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany

Abstract: Based on existing test suites like the ASHRAE 140 BESTEST and EN ISO 13791, a novel test suite for inter-model comparison of building energy simulation tools has been developed. The test cases investigate physical models and implementations individually and in combined tests, hereby identifying sources of deviations between tested tools. The methodology to build test cases incrementally and evaluate changes resulting from new features added to the tests, allows a much better isolation of error sources. The test suite is particularly focused on providing reference solutions for simulation tool developers. Another novel aspect of the test suite is a set of rules that ensures publication of models and simulation input data, such that results can be reproduced and verified easily by other users. Any software certified with the test suite can be considered to fulfill minimum requirements for the anticipated use cases. The article describes the test cases and variants formulated so far, and gives exemplary result for the tested tools NANDRAD, IDA-ICE, TRNSYS, TAS, Modelica/AixLib, THERAKLES and ETU-Simulation.
Keywords: Validation, SimQuality, Building Energy Simulation, BESTest
Pages: 1975 - 1982