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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Updated climate files in the simulation of residential buildings

Emanuela Giancola, María Nuria Sánchez, Helena López, Jose Antonio Ferrer, María José Jiménez, Silvia Soutullo
Energy efficiency in buildings research unit, CIEMAT, Spain

Abstract: This research is focused on the impact that outdated climate files have on the energy simulation of a generic residential building model located in semi-arid regions. Two representative residential buildings have been modelled with TRNSYS software, according to the local characteristics. To evaluate the annual thermal demands, seasonal temperature set-points have been fixed. Then, a parametric evaluation has been developed considering different Spanish building regulations, two boundary conditions and three climate years (one long-term experimental file and two synthetic representative files). The comparison between them gives an idea of how the climate change modifies the patterns of the building energy performance.
Keywords: Climate change, updated meteorological file, building energy simulation, generic residential building models
Pages: 870 - 877