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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Where HVAC models fail - a conceptual framework for extending effective HVAC modelling into early concept design of net zero buildings

David Rulff, Theodor Victor Christiaanse, Ralph Evins
University of Victoria, Canada

Abstract: The scope and scale of performance objectives for building design have increased under net zero paradigms; however, the significant influence of HVAC system strategies and the role of uncertainty often remain unaddressed in early stages. This study presents a preliminary framework for incorporating intuitive abstract representations of often complex mechanical systems through functional decomposition and component-based surrogate modelling, while preserving connections to high fidelity simulation schema for scalability and technical diagnostic capabilities. An illustrative case study implements the framework for heating demand in a medium office, demonstrating computationally efficient tracing of uncertainty through interpretable VAV system transformation components.
Keywords: high fidelity systems modeling, conceptual framework, HVAC schema
Pages: 2078 - 2085