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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A new method for comparing long-term thermal conditions in buildings

Shide Salimi 1, Holly Samuelson 1, Esteban Estrella Guillén 2
1 Harvard University, United States of America
2 Universidad de Monterre, Mexico

Abstract: This project proposes a new method for assessing the severity of discomfort in buildings over time. The proposed “Exceedance Degree-Hours” uses an equivalent temperature index and, in contrast with other indices, can be paired with various comfort definitions from literature. Importantly, it can be used to assess thermal comfort in mixed-mode buildings, providing a single value, which can be helpful for comparing simulation results, especially in an optimization process. Here, the results of the proposed method are compared to those of existing discomfort indices suggested in thermal comfort standards, and the advantages and limitations of the proposed approach are discussed.
Keywords: Thermal comfort, Adaptive Comfort, Equivalent temperature sensation, Building simulation, Optimization
Pages: 2086 - 2093