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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Intelligent building envelopes energy evaluation: an integration of double-skin facades with earth-tubes

Payman Sadeghi
Drury University, United States of America

Abstract: Double-Skin Facades (DSFs) are presumed as highperformance systems that embrace ecological solutions, from environmental and social standpoints. Yet, a DSF’s goal to minimize buildings’ energy use in different climatic conditions is controversial, presenting it occasionally as not the most economically viable solution. Through a simulation method, this paper studied ways to optimize the Load Intensity (LI) of buildings with a DSF via an earth-tube system integration. Located in three common U.S. climatic conditions, sixteen proposed systems were examined using TRNSYS and CONTAM softwares. Next, results coupled with the most costeffective system are discussed indicating that the assimilation of earth-tubes into a DSF system always increases the system’s energy performance with no overheating issue if optimum DSF depth is envisioned. Finally, the impact of climate, DSF depth, shading and ventilation strategies, and earth-tubes integration on LI concluded the research.
Keywords: High-Performance Buildings, Double-Skin Façade (DSF), Earth-Tubes. Intelligent Building Skin, Simulation, and Energy Efficiency
Pages: 2109 - 2116