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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


An integrated analysis of structural safety, embodied carbon, and construction cost in a prefabricated Chinese timber house within a BIM-based environment

Xi Zhang 1, Zhantang Miao 2, Gang Feng 2, Jiangtao Du 1
1 University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
2 Tianjin University, China

Abstract: The timber building has received increasing attention in building industry due to its benefits to environmental resilience. This study presents a BIM-based integrated analysis in a new prefabricated timber house in northern China, considering seismic performance, construction material use/cost, and embodied carbon emission. Three new structure solutions were analysed in comparison with the conventional model. It can be found from the cost analysis that the shortest stud spacing achieves an increase of 23.67% and the longest stud spacing has a decrease of 21.92%. For the embodied carbon, the shortest stud spacing sees a decrease of 29.21%, while an increase of 12.52% is found in the longest stud spacing.
Keywords: Embodied carbon, Construction cost, Timber structure, Structural safety, House
Pages: 3292 - 3299