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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A new building thermal model to a better evaluation of the thermal comfort during heat waves

Adrien Toesca 1, Damien David 1, André Kuster 1, Michel Lussault 2, Kévyn Johannes 1
1 CETHIL, France
2 EVS, France

Abstract: This paper is about urban building thermal simulation during summer and heat waves conditions. A chain of tools has been assembled for that purposes. It includes the building energy model EnergyPlus plus the tools Urban Weather Generator and Urbawind to take into account the the impacts of the urban environment on the building loads. This chain of tools is computer efficient and do not require high expertise to run simulation. In order to assess its accuracy, it is confronted with in-situ measurements. The paper describes the measurements setup and shows the good accuracy of the model based on the measured data. Two key parameters on the simulation accurcy are identified: the schedule of the occupants’ actions on the opening devices and the urban boundary layer height at night.
Keywords: In-situ measurement, Thermal Comfort, Heat waves, New building thermal model
Pages: 3654 - 3661