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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Can Archive Film Stores in the global South achieve net zero and reliable Energy?

Elli Nikolaidou, Harrison King, David Coley, David Walsh
University of Bath, United Kingdom

Abstract: Countries are increasingly expected to secure sustainable and reliable energy for all. This is however challenging in developing countries, which often suffer from inadequate infrastructure. Focusing on film stores, such a poor supply of energy can prevent them from preserving the cultural heritage related to photographic films. Hence, this paper tests various service-side and construction-side solutions, in order to investigate the potential of film stores to attain net zero and reliable energy, and support decarbonisation and film preservation. An exemplar film store is modelled in different locations in the Global South. The predicted trade-offs between energy use and the usable life of films are presented, providing useful design guidance.
Keywords: Film stores, net zero energy, energy reliability
Pages: 589 - 596