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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


The efforts towards development of an energy efficiency upgrade platform

Mahnameh Taheri, Loic Jacob, Colin Parry, Sahar Mirzaie, Agnieszka Hermanowicz, Ioanna Vrachimi: Alan
arbnco Ltd., United Kingdom

Abstract: This contribution presents the efforts towards the development of an energy assessment platform to assist building engineers, energy managers, policy makers, etc., evaluate the best revenue options from energy conservation investments in commercial buildings. Portfolio assessments commonly fall into three phases: benchmarking, detailed investigation, and assessment of findings across portfolio. The methodology involves, clustering buildings within a portfolio based on their energy performance, selecting the poorest performers for further analysis, and performing detailed investigations for the selected group. This study covers the development of a platform for convenient collection of the minimum building data required to support energy efficiency upgrade and investment decision makings.
Keywords: Energy efficiency, Retrofit analysis, Software development
Pages: 3300 - 3307