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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Measurement of the building envelope thermal performance in collective housings

Lorena de Carvalho Araujo 1,2, Simon Thébault 1, Laurent Mora 2, Thomas Recht 2
1 CSTB, France
2 Univérsité de Bordeaux, France

Abstract: Building energy efficiency is a key factor in reducing CO2 emissions and assuring the comfort level for inhabitants. Governments have been valorising the energy performance standards through thermal regulations and economic incentives. These are often based on results from building simulation software, achieved during the design stage. However, the real thermal performance can significantly deviate from the predicted one. It is important to have reliable performance indicators to assure new building quality and to estimate the improvements achieved after renovation works. The application of an in-situ method after construction or retrofitting phases enables the measurement of such indicators, as the whole heat loss coefficient (HLC) and the transmission heat transfer coefficient (HTC). Collective housing counts for an important part of the building stock, for this reason, mature technologies to measure its thermal performance are necessary. The current paper studies the applicability of a short duration test for identifying the HTC in collective housings and how to optimize the test protocol.
Keywords: heat loss coefficient, collective housings, in-situ test
Pages: 2179 - 2186