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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Feasibility study for combined mist evaporation cooling with carbon dioxide enrichment for greenhouse cultivation

Craig Edward Farnham 1, Mami Oishi 2, Jihui Yuan 3
1 Osaka City University, Japan
2 Research Institute of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Osaka Prefecture
3 Toyohashi Univeristy of Technology

Abstract: Optimization of a mist cooling system for a greenhouse is underway using CFD software. Here, we explore the feasibility of optimizing CO2 enrichment into such a ventilated space. Using the virtual injector of the Ansys Fluent DPM model would allow greater flexibility in setting injector position and orientation without the need for detailed meshing of realistic orifices or new meshing for each case. A small test case was run for virtual injectors vs. realistically meshed injector orifices for increasingly fine meshes. Qualitatively, the results are similar but at reduced computational cost. Neither model converges well in the steady-state, but a transient model may explain the unstable nature of the problem. The cross-ventilated greenhouse resembles a cavity flow case. This may allow a zone of high CO2 concentration in the eddy that forms below the level of the windows.
Keywords: mist, cooling, greenhouse, evaporation
Pages: 3308 - 3313